We invite you to participate in the Woman 4.0 webinar, forming alliances and leadership with a cause to achieve the success of your business through the advice of four powerful women. Join us this March 17 at 3:00 pm!

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In everything, women must be included in decision-making. At home, in companies, in government, in education, etc. What it is about is that there is rectitude and equality.

The UN estimates that it will take at least 10 years to reverse the economic impact on women by Covid-19. To help address the ravages of the pandemic in the female sector, Entrepreneur and Mastercard do their bit by organizing the Women 4.0 webinar, forming alliances and leadership with a cause.

The event will take place on March 17 at 3:00 pm through the Entrepreneur networks in Spanish.

Technology: the best tool for social and economic mobility

What is a world power like China or the United States doing in a world where the coronavirus has caused an economic and social crisis? They emphasize investing in technology. This is the keyword in times of pandemic. However, in the technology sector there are very few women working. The latest LinkedIn report indicates that only 27% are CTOs; and only 25% of the workforce is female.

One of the speakers of the Woman 4.0 webinar, forming alliances and leadership with a cause . She is Gabriela Lucke , passionate about the education sector. She is the director of the Center for Collaborative Leadership and Female Leadership at INCAE Business School, where she has excelled in creating and implementing a gender equality strategy.

She is a business administrator with a master’s degree in Project Management. As a commercial specialist, he has advised more than 1,000 companies. She has led three editions of the LEADS Mujer by Mastercard and INCAE program . She mentors women both in the personal empowerment process and in the development of business growth plans.

She firmly believes that education is the best tool for people’s social and economic mobility . “With my international experience and my capacity for strategic thinking, I want to create an impact in the education sector and seek change in order to make a positive contribution to an organization and its mission,” Gabriela Lucke shares on LinkedIn.

She recommends giving your mind and concentrating on acquiring a deep understanding of the market your company is in. Investigate, scrutinize, examine the whole world in which you are interested. The creation of a strategic network of contacts is also very important, from high-level government representatives to counselors of educational institutions in Gabriela’s case.

“Working at the United States Embassy allowed me to lead multicultural teams from different organizations both locally and internationally. I also have experience developing strategic alliances with chambers and associations in order to reach more potential clients ”.

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The director of INCAE’s Center for Collaborative Leadership and Women’s Leadership advises women entrepreneurs to think strategically with limited budgets . The key is in the execution of projects, maximizing the return on investment for your company and your clients. “It is vital to maintain an excellent track record in service. That you have clients who can attest to your skills ”, he assures.

In the last seven years Gabriela Lucke has assisted more than 400 US clients from five industrial sectors to enter the Costa Rican market and has also advised more than 500 companies on opportunities in the Central American market.

“Not only do you have to provide knowledge about the region in which you move, but also have experience in various sectors. Trust your abilities to increase revenue, adoption and market penetration in an organization ”, concludes a leader Gabriela Lucke, leader of the LEADS Mujer by Mastercard and INCAE program.

Join us for the Woman 4.0 webinar, forming alliances and leadership with a cause and get more advice from Gabriela’s voice. The appointment is next March 17 at 3:00 pm

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