Here are some tips that can help you have good personal finances and give your home a better operation.

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Was your electricity, gas or internet service cut off? By direct debit payments you prevent this from happening to you. The real estate portal explained what domiciliation is and some tips to do it correctly.

What does it consist of?

Kondinero, a company that grants discounted credits via payroll, explains that when you direct debit, you automatically charge the payments for your products or services to your savings, payroll, credit or checking accounts.

It is a service that is usually free and allows you to:

  • Pay on time.
  • Fully control your money.
  • Save time and money.

Leonardo González, Real Estate analyst at , adds that this helps you better manage your budget and use your cash in an orderly and efficient way.

eye! Banamex says that you should not confuse direct debit with automatic charge. The second option is contracted directly with the service provider and is charged to your credit card.

What can you address?

Services such as: telephone, electricity, cell phone, water, cable television, internet, gas, property, music or entertainment.

Kondinero explains that you can also direct a payroll credit. Payments will be automatically taken from the account in which you receive your salary.

“When the company or institution you work for does not have an agreement with a financial institution that grants loans, as a user you can go to the one you prefer and request a direct debit”, he adds.

How to domicile?

You can register it at your bank branch or through online banking. In both, you answer a format in which you authorize the charges to be made to your account. According to Kondinero, some information that you must provide are:

  • Provider’s name.
  • Receipt and telephone number, contract, credit or service that you will pay.
  • Bank account in which the charges will be made.
  • Present valid official identification.


As simple as it may seem, to direct payments correctly there are factors that you must take into account. Kondinero and Coru explain that you must:

  • Clarify the timing of the payment (biweekly, monthly, bi-monthly or yearly) and verify that they are made on the corresponding dates.
  • Detail the maximum amount you authorize.
  • If your bank account runs out of funds, charges will not be made and direct debit services will be suspended.
  • When there is an improper charge, you can make a claim, but it will take time.
  • When you do not control or know your account statement, you can lose track of your expenses.
  • Verify that your checking account or cards do not have any restrictions that prevent the withdrawal of money. For example, they are blocked, canceled or expired.

These are some tips that can help you have good personal finances and give your home a better operation.