The e-commerce giant will expand its technology hub in Boston to include new corporate and tech jobs.

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Amazon is looking for 3,000 more employees for the Boston area, this to support the divisions of Alexa, Amazon Web, Services, Amazon Robotics and Amazon Pharmacy , according to what was announced by the company. The posted hires will double the company’s payroll at its technology hub in Boston.

The expansion involves a new lease of a 17-story, 630,000-square-foot office tower owned by WS Development on One Boston Wharf Road.

Amazon has had a remarkable growth, given that it depends on shipments by mail, which have progressed in times of pandemic, where people prefer to make their purchases online and receive their package at their doorstep, in order to to avoid coronavirus infections.

The 33-acre Boston Seaport initiative location will incorporate workspaces, innovation labs and mixed-use common areas for Amazon employees and is expected to be complete by 2024. It will also include retail stores, among other things.

New jobs include tech roles in software development and artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as corporate non-tech positions in product management, human resources, finance, and more.

Since 2010 , Amazon has created more than 20,000 jobs in Massachusetts and invested more than $ 6.2 million in the Massachusetts economy. Currently, the company has more than one million workers, of these 800 thousand are in the United States.

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