A slow connection can, in the long run, seriously hurt your business.

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The internet is, without a doubt, the most impressive technological development of the last 50 years, and has fundamentally changed the way we live. With access to endless information, retailers and the ability to communicate with people across the world, there is something of benefit to all.

However, one problem remains: the variation in internet connection speeds. This can depend on where you are geographically, how many people use your system and various other factors. The following are six ways in which you can speed up your connection.

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Switch to wired

You can sometimes boost your internet speed by switching from a wireless connection to a wired one. This is because wireless efficiency can be affected by distance from the router and obstacles in between.

If you use a desktop and are next to your router, you can plug straight in and eliminate the need for a wireless connection. This method is best for home-office use, as it will give you a faster and more direct connection to your broadband, so try it if you are close enough to connect a cable.

Password protect

If you do not have your wi-fi password-protected, then you’re leaving it open to others to use. For example, if you have a personal internet set-up in a shared house, others can access your broadband. Or your neighbors could piggyback on your connection.

The more people are using your broadband, the slower it will become. Thus, it always pays to add a password and only allow those you have deemed suitable for access to use the system. Adding a password should be simple, and your broadband provider will help if you run into problems.

Upgrade your hardware

Just as smartphones are regularly improved, so is computer hardware. Not just computers themselves, but the peripherals such as your router. A router more than a few years old will not be as efficient as an up-to-date model. Improvements are made all the time to related equipment and also to various other elements of the system.

It may also be possible that your provider has introduced a new level of broadband in your area and you’re not taking advantage of it. Talk to your provider about the best way to improve your speeds and they will be happy to help.

Move your router

Where is your router currently located? Some people tuck it away in a cupboard so it can’t be seen. This is the wrong thing to do! The cleaner the line of sight between your router and the computers it is serving, the faster your speed and more efficient your connection will be. Walls, doors and even windows can disrupt the wi-fi signal, and the further from the router you are, the slower your speeds will be.

Place your router in a central place and high off the ground for the best results. Don’t put it in a cupboard, as this will slow down the signal. Choose a shelf and place it there where it can send its signal throughout the building. If you do still have problems, you can purchase range extenders that boost the signal.

Powerline adapters

Some broadband providers can offer you powerline adapters. These are clever pieces of kit that send the signal through the mains electricity circuit in the home.

These work well in some buildings, but not so in others, and your provider will be able to advise you as to the suitability of this solution in your home. Where this system is suitable it provides fast internet speeds, so is worth considering.

Broadband accelerator

Depending upon who you get your broadband from, they may be able to offer you a broadband accelerator. This is another bit of equipment that effectively boosts the signal within your home. However, these are only available from select providers, but if you can get them it may be the answer you are looking for.

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A slow internet connection is an annoyance, and one that is far from uncommon. There are locations where the internet is barely accessible and those where it is super-fast. For those of us in between, the above are just some of the things you can do to speed up your connection, so check them out further and you may find more solutions to the problem.