McDonald’s is known for its over-the-top, super-sized menu items, but the latest item set to hit menus in the U.S. has some of the company’s most loyal customers divided.

The burger giant announced on Tuesday that it is bringing the Double Big Mac back on January 24 for the first time in four years in a limited run.

The sandwich, already a menu staple in Canada and Australia, consists of four beef patties instead of the regular two.

The four-patty Double Big Mac (McDonald’s)

The new rollout comes as McDonald’s is making a major overhaul to its burgers.

New patties, which have over 50 modifications to the chain’s original burger patties, were first tested in Australia and began rolling out to McDonald’s West Coast and Midwest markets in 2023, with the new burger expected to be available nationwide this year.

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“We can do it quick, fast, and safe, but it doesn’t necessarily taste great. So, we want to incorporate quality into where we’re at,” Chris Young, McDonald’s senior director of global menu strategy, told the Wall Street Journal last month about the changes.

The chain also announced that the regular Big Mac is receiving another upgrade — the classic sesame bun will be changed to a “buttery brioche” bun, and more special sauce will be added for a “meltier” dining experience.

On social media, many were thrilled about the menu item’s re-run.

A double Big Mac?? Smh I might camp out in the parking lot for one ?

— Blacksaw Jim Thuggin. ??♀️ (@InTro_Levert) January 10, 2024

McDonald’s Double Big Mac coming soon to US restaurants I don’t normally do big Macs but yes please! https://t.co/NV9vtzmyaq

— Matt (@sportsfan702) January 10, 2024

I have officially left the Double Cheeseburger religion and converted to the Big Mac religion. Thank you.

— SN?? (@SN22000) January 9, 2024

Others, not so much.

McDonalds is making a double big Mac ????? make that w the quarter pounder patties or throw the whole thing away

— DOPE ALTO ?? (@DopeAlto) January 10, 2024

McDonald’s announced that on January 24, they are bringing back the double Big Mac. Heart surgeons say it pairs well with double coronary bypass surgery.

— Howard Fox (@howardfoxjokes) January 10, 2024

McDonald’s is bringing back the double Big Mac…

Bless the arteries of those who eat it.

— KT (@sloyoroll01973) January 10, 2024

Though McDonald’s has not yet announced its Q4 2023 earnings, the chain reported a strong Q3 last year, with a 14% bump in revenue from the quarter prior and same-store sales in the U.S. increasing over 8%.

As of Wednesday afternoon, McDonald’s was up over 8.8% in a one-year period.

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