Here are three ways the new social audio media app is impacting you, your business and society as a whole through transparency and education.

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As entrepreneurs, we’re knowledge-seekers and networkers by nature. When Twitter launched, we jumped at the opportunity to hear thoughts from mentors and start forming real-time conversations. When podcasts started gaining traction, we had a chance to hear advice and learn about the backgrounds of inspiring entrepreneurs.

Now, Clubhouse has entered the scene. For those who are unfamiliar, Clubhouse is an audio-based social network that’s invite-only for iPhone users (as of now). This new social network has combined the best parts of old-school talk radio and podcasts, bringing peer-to-peer, transparent conversations to the entrepreneurial world. And it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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After a year of public demands for more transparent media, Clubhouse has found its niche as the solution to ultimately help democratize the mainstream media. Conversations taking place are transparent, conversational, knowledgeable and inspiring – making it the perfect platform for us knowledge-seekers to actively participate.

So, what does this mean for you personally, as a business owner, and your conversations in society as a whole? Let’s break it down.

Personal impact

I’ve always said that the most successful entrepreneurs naturally look for ways to grow personally to be our best selves for our teams, clients and customers. Clubhouse has given us a chance to peek behind the curtain and drop in on these growth-driven discussions in a much more organic, less demanding way than we ever could with written content, radio or even podcasts.

Now, we can listen in on real-time conversations happening with people who inspire us, while taking a break from the draining news cycle via traditional media. We can get back to discussing ideas and learning from each other. We have an insider’s look at thousands of experts’ thought processes – something we’ve never been able to hear live in the past aside from a short talk radio interview. Not only can we pull from their advice and thoughts personally, but these conversations can help us formulate ideas on how we can be better business owners as well.

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Business impact

While the conversations happening on Clubhouse are helpful for our personal growth, it’s also a great place to do business. At any given moment, there are like-minded individuals on the platform. The app now gives us a chance to network, share expertise, combine knowledge, bounce ideas off one another, and so much more. Some of the best business ideas come from spit-balling thoughts or hearing someone else’s discussion – Clubhouse now gives us a way to do this in real-time.

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In addition to giving us a way to brainstorm ideas, it also provides a way to learn more on a topic that’s essential to a business that isn’t a current area of expertise. For example, if you have a technical background, accounting or marketing may not be skillsets you’re particularly knowledgeable in. By listening in on a room specialized in a specific field (like Accounting.Club), it’ll be easier to pick up on the essentials and have a basic knowledge moving forward. It’s almost like learning a new language – Clubhouse provides a genuine, uncontrived space for immersing yourself in the industry in which you’d like to assimilate.

Societal impact

As a society, we’re craving a feeling of unity, transparency and privacy. We’ve seen the disenchantment with Facebook come about as privacy concerns and content from unverified sources continue to run rampant across the platform. Clubhouse is providing a way for us all to connect with like-minded individuals with expertise across a broad range of interests. Though we’re all still feeling the effects of isolation, communities now have more ways to connect in a safe manner.

Clubhouse also provides people another way to multitask. The key benefit to podcasts and audiobooks being read by our favorite entrepreneurs is that we’re able to soak in the while still being able to multitask around the house or in the office.

The platform currently has two million users and is valued at around $1 billion. We can see from Clubhouse’s fast growth that this social audio platform is serving a critical need that business owners needed to fill. At our core, we want to build community, educate ourselves, and create a product or service from our knowledge and experiences. Clubhouse is now a key player that we all need to keep our eyes (and ears) on.