Developer Jane Manchun leaked that the new subscription system will be called Twitter Blue, it would include features highly anticipated by the tweeting community and its cost would depend on the region, among other details.

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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Rumors have been running about a paid version of Twitter for months (maybe years), and it seems like it’s about to come true. The developer Jane Manchun , famous for advancing news from various social networks, leaked details, price and functions of ‘ Twitter Blue ‘, the supposed name of the new service.

As revealed by Manchun on the 9to5Mac portal, subscriptions will cost $ 2.99 per month (about 60 Mexican pesos). However, the cost may vary depending on the region.

– Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane)May 15, 2021

Of course, the premium version of Twitter will have exclusive features to enhance the user experience.

  • Undo. Tweeters will have the new ‘undo’ or ‘undo’ button to cancel posts before their followers see them. After writing a ‘tweet’ and hitting ‘publish’ a timer will appear between 5 and 30 seconds (the user can adjust the time). You will have that period to reread, reconsider and stop the publication before it appears on your timeline.
  • Collections. Currently, Twitter allows you to store Tweets with the ‘save item’ function, but they cannot be organized according to content. With the new ‘collections’ you can create folders to organize your publications to your liking and manage them better.
  • Create and share. Apparently, they will also offer the possibility of creating and sharing newsletters from the social network itself. This would be related to the recent purchase of the Revue platform, focused on paid subscriptions for news content, and Scroll, which eliminates advertising in exchange for a monthly fee.

FYI: This “Twitter Blue” screenshot is work-in-progress and not final. Things like the name, pricing, feature set, etc may change ahead of official launch

But I’m sure the feature set will grow as time goes

– Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane)May 16, 2021

The bad news is that even in the paid version there is no glimpse of the function of ‘editing’ the content already published, something that the tweeting community has begged for years.

The developer, whose credibility is based on having successfully leaked many news from Facebook , Instagram and Twitter , notes that Twitter Blue is still in development, so there is no probable launch date.

In 2020, the social network run by Jack Dorsey acknowledged that they planned to explore the subscription system and a premium membership in the near future.

On May 6, Twitter announced the launch of the ‘Tip Jar’ , a function that allows you to give and receive ‘tips’ within the platform. This way of monetizing content is in addition to the ‘Super Follows’ , which gives tweeters the option to charge for exclusive content .