If you were only in the household, you should have a salary of $ 2,316 a month; a mother with an additional job would earn $ 846.5 in the same period.

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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

A mother works 24 hours a day, she never stops being aware of the needs of her family. To celebrate Mother’s Day and help to value domestic work, Linio carried out an exercise to estimate how much the economic compensation should be for the mothers’ daily work, which often goes unnoticed.

To do this, they divided the hours of the day according to the home activities that are carried out, taking as an example a mother who is a housewife and one who goes out to work every day (to her business or an office). Here is the table of results:

The economic compensation of a mother who works alone at home should be $ 2,316 per month , while a mompreneur or mother with an additional job, would reach $ 846.5 per month .

As explained by the technology company, to the activities of “General cleaning” (house, children’s hygiene, etc.), “Laundry” and “Assistance” (help with homework, comfort and other occupations that require attention from the mother ) assigned them what corresponds to the average minimum wage in Latin America, which is $ 47 per hour. For “Kitchen”, “Shopping” and “Caring for 1 baby and 1 child”, she made a calculation according to the prices of a professional and personalized service . Just from these activities, a mother with work outside the home could earn more $ 680 a month and a stay-at-home mom over $ 1,900.

The remaining hours of a working mom’s day are eight hours of labor and two hours of transportation. According to the level of occupation and attention they must have in their activities, they only allocated 6.5 hours of the day for their rest, which includes the times when a mother can sit down to eat or entertain herself.

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