The fake news claimed that The Vegan Society asked for animal-shaped food to be banned because it makes people feel superior to the animal kingdom.

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Animal crackers could inspire violence against animals. At least that seems to be what The Vegan Society says, a British association of vegans that according to several French media asked for these snacks to be banned

It is a false news that went viral in local and Mexican media that said that vegan society asked that food in the shape of animals be prohibited because in their opinion they make people feel superiority over the animal kingdom.

However, a French news anchor proved that it was fake news and that The Vegan Society’s statements had been taken out of context. Bertrand Chameroy of the Europe 1 chain explained that 3 years ago a spokesman regretted the image that animal cookies gave to children, but did not ask to ban them.

A change that was real

Although this information is false, in August 2018 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) convinced Nabisco to change the boxes of its Animal Crackers animal crackers.

The famous cakes that were created in England in the 19th century showed animals in a zoo, but from now on they are seen walking through a savannah.

Some are saying @PETA wasted time, money, and effort pressuring Nabisco to free the animals from the circus on Animal Crackers. I disagree. Children will no longer think it’s OK to put animals in cages. Well done PETA. Thank You Nabisco. It’s never too late to change.

– Daniel Schneider (@BiologistDan) August 21, 2018