We picked the brain of a living-your-best-life guru (while acknowledging that the previous annus horribilis has set a pretty low bar when it comes to “new you” improvements).

Entrepreneur’s New Year’s Guide

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Feel stuck because you believe you can’t have the health, career, relationships, money or life that you deserve?

Convinced that something needs to change before you can experience a new level of living? 

We’ve all felt this way at some point in our lives, but there are surprisingly simple steps you can take to pull yourself out of the muck and put the fun in 2021.

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I recently interviewed Wendie Pett: naturopathic doctor, author, speaker, TV host, podcaster, wife, mother and creator of the Visibly Fit Program.

For over 20 years Wendie has taught women how to balance mind, body and spirit while transforming her own life in the process.

One of Pett’s biggest shifts started with volunteering. Initially, she was “giving back” out of obligation. It wasn’t until she met a gentleman named Ray that she realized the depth and impact of her contributions. Ray had dementia, and Pett helped him with meals and chores around the house. They also had long conversations and took walks together.

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This selfless service had more of an impact on Wendie than it did on Ray. The experience humbled and elevated her to be more compassionate towards others rather than being judgmental or critical. Giving back catalyzed her biggest shift, personally and professionally, and has become a major part of Pett experiencing more joy and living her best life. It’s now the all-important final fix within the five steps she includes in this guide to placing 2020 within the rearview mirror. (And then running over said mirror with a Mack Truck.)


To quote Marianne Williamson: “Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it, and yet, there is no peace without forgiveness.”


Accept that you are unable to control every tiny aspect of your life. The more you surrender to possibility, the happier you’ll be in the long run.


Take accountability for your actions, words and feelings. While you can’t control every aspect of your life, you can control your reactions to situations. Stop blaming everyone else for your dissatisfaction.


You can’t take care of the people you love if you’re running on empty or going in a million directions at warp speed. This doesn’t mean a weekly manicure, either. Self-love can be reading a book, getting coffee with friends or going on a solo hike. Think of things that bring you peace and joy.

Give Back

Volunteer your time with a cause or person. Being of service is a win-win for everyone involved and can bring you more joy than you ever imagined.

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Pett has created a simple system that consistently produces predictable results if you’re willing to do the work. I previously interviewed Wendie on how she uses these steps in her business and with her clients. Watch the “Your Biggest Breakthrough” interview here, and check out her system at www.YourBiggestBreakthrough.com