It is one of the states in the current population. We give you five quick steps to “stand out” in this category.

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At present, the majority of the population of a city can be divided into five categories:

  1. Entrepreneur
  2. Employee
  3. Entrepreneur
  4. Unemployed
  5. Loser

The entrepreneur could start a company, buy it, or simply inherit it. It can have partners or not, and it goes in income from the macro Slim to the micro quesadillera.

The employee is one who is hired by a unit (person, council, population) that has authority over him. You can be the CEO, the goalkeeper or the president of the nation, no matter the quality of the suit: if someone can run it, he is an employee.

The unemployed person is one who does not have a job, neither as an employer nor as an employee. We are not talking about guilt or will, it is simply a state, which if it were civil would be equivalent to being single.

The entrepreneur is the one who started something, “raised the sails”, he ventured. The imaginary believes that it only refers to people with pasta glasses, a thick blazer with jeans, hair almost shaved on the sides, a plaid shirt, working with a Mac on a giant wooden table, in a coworking with industrial decoration, but not … goes beyond that long cliché. The entrepreneur is that person who has the drive to carry out his ideas for the benefit of a cause, either in his own company (incipient or consolidated) or in an office as an employee (Colón was an employee of the Catholic kings, even so, it is considered the quintessential entrepreneur).

The loser , which is the one that concerns us on this occasion, is a separate category that also serves as a qualifier in any of the other four categories. Be careful: do not be confused, it does not refer to the one who undertakes and makes a mistake, or who loses his capital; that is still being an entrepreneur (learning). The loser is the one who conforms; the unemployed complaining, but not improving their environment; the godinez / politician who is comfortable and laughs; the junior entrepreneur who is useless in a position of power.

If you are interested in being an exemplary loser, here are the five steps to become one very quickly:

1. Don’t do anything relevant. Where you are and how you are, you are fine. Perhaps you are one of those who believe in the caste system and think that, whether as an outcast or a Brahmin, you have an assured place in this universe, and that therefore moving, proposing and doing something new or different, can disturb the order . Better eat those crumbs or exploit your slaves, depending on your caste.

2. Think only of yourself. Enter your office haughty without greeting the guard at the entrance or the cleaning lady, do not support your colleague because he will shine and not you. Do not think of any opportunity to improve the place where you work, those are antics … if it has always worked well the way it is, why do you move it? (tsss). Nor do you donate money or time to any charitable cause because it is only for the rich to evade their taxes. Think about how to make your employees better? Ha! Newbie … people are lazy and abusive, if you keep thinking like that, they will eat you alive.

Don’t think of any opportunity to improve the place where you work, those are antics… / Image:

3. Blame others. Your boss is an idiot who won’t let you do anything; But don’t get out of there because if not, what are your children going to eat? You have many ideas, but nobody pays attention to you; Whisper them and smile hypocritically, one day everything will magically improve. The country is worse than ever and the dollar is very expensive; Better take refuge in the safe, why do you move him? (Didn’t I tell you?) The reality is that yes, indeed … in this life everyone is to blame for what happens around them, you will know if you are interested in participating in that guilt passively or actively.

4. Always say no. It is the formula to pretend that you are not wrong and feel more secure. You can even do it tacitly (recommended). Deny any proposal for improvement, any suggestion that employees or clients make to you. Do not seek to shape a proposal because it will be exhausting to negotiate or it will even sound fanciful, and you do not want to give a bad image. What is that of a gossip with photos on the Internet, nonsense … better send that fax now, please.

5. Let yourself be carried away by the others. Shrimp that falls asleep … does not even know. Nothing better than staying quietly living on the Madeira Islands in Portugal. Remember that you already married a rich and fine woman. Let yourself go, your father-in-law already gave you a job … you can come and go to nearby ports, relax. Let go of that ridiculous little book that you bring from Sir John Mandeville’s Travel Stories and that other one by this Marco Polo, it’s pure illusion: the truth is that you won’t even get to India … What are you stupid or what Christopher? Better do what the others, let yourself go, you will feel sheltered and comfortable (at least until you get fired, or your brother takes your company, or you divorce).

So: employee, employer, unemployed… think only of yourself, let yourself go, don’t do anything relevant, blame others and always say no…. because that mistake of repeated learning that is called undertaking, will NOT take you exactly where you think and it is better to play it safe … (to the safe entropy, to the eventual chaos caused by depending on the destiny and decisions of others). For that and many other things … start today, start now!

Alejandro Llantada has been employed, unemployed, entrepreneur and businessman. He is currently a consultant, lecturer and author of The Black Book of Persuasion .