This Jalisco filmmaker is practically a Latin treasure.

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Guillermo del Toro is practically a Latin treasure. This man from Jalisco has not only raised the name of Mexico thanks to his achievements in the film industry – which include two Oscars, a Golden Globe, two BAFTAs and several Arieles – but because of his dedication to defending “otherness.” , the rarity that makes us unique.

Del Toro has great phrases that any entrepreneur, no matter what his or her spin, can take for inspiration and, why not, appreciate THAT that makes him or her unique.

We share 10 phrases that Del Toro has said in interviews and speeches throughout his career.

1. About success

“Success and failure are two neighboring rooms, only their doors have no number.”

2. On courage

“In the face of terror and dehumanization, human passion was itself an act of defiance.”

3. On the importance of embracing “otherness”

“Since childhood I have been faithful to monsters, they have saved me. Because monsters, I believe, are the patron saints of our blissful imperfection. And they allow and embody the possibility of failing and living ”.

4. About love

“Why should I be ashamed to talk about the one thing that Buddha, The Beatles, and Jesus agreed on?”

5. About the recognitions

“What you learn with the kilos is that the prizes are important when you win them and not very important when you don’t win them”

6. On the pursuit of perfection

“Perfection is crazy, the imperfect, the diverse, is what allows us to breathe”

7. On the importance of knowing who you are (and loving yourself)

“I’m a weird fat man, who makes weird movies, without asking anyone’s permission … I make the movies I want.”

8. About “destiny”

“For me at all times in life, the final decision is up to the individual.”

9. On failure

“For me, the very elements that constitute failure constitute success. If you are not afraid of the story you are going to tell, it is very possible that this story will not provoke any reaction with anyone ”.

10. On your inspiration

“Why am I Mexican. In a sense, nobody loves life more than we do, because we are very aware of death ”.

What’s your favorite Del Toro moment?